Find buyers, sellers or donators of suitable building plots or material surplus to requirements on larger projects, or your money back...

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Our members have nothing to lose! Find buyers, sellers or donators of suitable building plots or building materials within the term of your membership, from only £9.99 or your money back!

Connecting People

Exclusive membership portal connecting private, individual self-builders & developers with large companies who posess land and materials from large projects, surplus to requirements.


We operate internationally, although based in the UK we also cover Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the America’s.

Sub Categories

Browse sub categories which include aggregates, block work, brick work, excavated material, stone and land.

Special Features

Finding potentially suitable land is only the first step, sign up today and members benefit from other discounted essential products and services necessary to turn a concept, into reality.

Members Area

Members of this site benefit from 50% off professional fees applicable to site analysis, valuation, capital budgeting & feasibility estimating services through our services site & a further 10% off selected product and support packages through our Project Management site

“We noticed that land for sale through main stream sites were overpriced and seemed to be advertised by the same middle men. Finding this site was somewhat of a revelation, we were put in touch with companies actually selling land direct, as opposed to the middle men creaming off a profit!”

Angela Cummings



Project Management Services

Planning on project managing the build yourself, members of this site receive a 10% discount on commercial management software offered through

22nd March 2016

Land valuations and capital budgeting

Finding suitable land for your development is only the first step, QS consultancy services are available at a massive 50% discount through our services site, to members.

22nd March 2016

Under what circumstances are land surveys required?

When locating suitable land, another question often asked is when are ground surveys required. Our professional advisors are available to answer such questions to members of our site.

22nd March 2016

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